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Olive oil is becoming hugely popular in Aussie cooking. We can quite imagine that you might have some questions about the use of olive oil. That’s why we have brought together the frequently asked questions on this page. Have we answered your question? If not, please ask us your question using the contact form below!

Tin promotion

Here's how to participate: Go to carbonell.com.au  then ”type in the receipt number! "and fill out the application form. To participate you need the receipt number for your Carbonell purchase. Retain the receipt number in order to claim the prize.

Any tin of Carbonell olive oil 4L
Carbonell Extra Virgin olive oil
Carbonell Pure olive oil
Carbonell Extra Light olive oil

No, unfortunately you can not participate without a receipt number.

You have to type the number on the receipt you receive from your Carbonell Olive Oil purchase.

Please contact customer service via the contact form on this website.

The promotion runs from 1st Nov 2012 until 31st January 2013. After 31st January 2013, there will be no further participation.

No, unfortunately you can not participate. The campaign ran until March 31, 2013.We are sorry that you did not get to participate.

Yes! You may enter as many times as you like, with a new receipt reference from your Carbonell Olive Oil 4L tin purchase for each entry.

You must provide all required fields completely and correctly filled out before sending the form. Furthermore, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Enter the receipt number here! }*/ ?>
Taste the Carbonell experience