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Carbonell olives have been ripened under the Spanish sun. Olives can be used in salads, as appetisers, as a side dish, in a pasta sauce or as a pizza garnish, for example.

- In Salads - In Pasta - As Appertisers
- In Cocktails - As a side dish - On Pizzas

Black Olives

These ‘Perlas del Guadalquivir’ or ‘Pearls of the Guadalquivir’ (the river which runs from Cordoba to Seville) are made using the ‘Hojiblanca’ olive.

- In salades - As Appertisers/snacks

Olives stuffed with anchovy paste

The famous Carbonell Manzanilla No. 1 olives stuffed with Anchovy paste.

- In salads - As a side dish - As appertisers
- In Pasta (sauce) - In cocktails - On Pizzas

Green Olives Stuffed with Pimento Pepper Paste

The Carbonell Manzanilla No. 1 olives are soft, with a mild flavour. The olives are small and symmetrical and are green with a touch of yellow. The flavour depends on the soil conditions and the quality of the harvest year.

Allergen: Carbonell olives with Pimento Pepper paste are allergen-free.