Je hebt olijfolie én je hebt olijfolie

Mild / Traditioneel: Bakken en braden
Extra Virgen: Dressing en dips

How do you choose the right olive oil?

It’s very simple: Carbonell Extra Light and Carbonell Pure are perfect for frying and roasting potatoes, vegetables and meat. You can also use these varieties for wok cooking, grilling, baking, barbecuing and deep-frying. And Carbonell Extra Virgin is the ideal basis for delicious salads, dressings and dips or for adding extra flavour to soups or pasta sauces, for example.

Carbonell Pure

Carbonell Traditional is filtered, which gives this olive oil a neutral flavour and fragrance. This olive oil is ideal for heating and is therefore perfect for frying meat, roasting potatoes and (stir) frying vegetables. Also available in glass 500ml.

Carbonell Extra Light

Carbonell extra light has a very mild flavour and can be heated to higher temperatures. This means that the flavour of olive oil does not predominate in your cooking. Also available in glass 500ml.

Carbonell Extra Virgin

Carbonell Extra Virgin has a delicious full flavour. It is specially recommended for salads, as a basis for dressings or dips and to add extra flavour to soups or sauces, for example. Also available in glass 500ml.

Carbonell Extra Virgin Arbequina

Carbonell cares for the excellent quality of this single varietal made ​​from Arbequina olives, variety majority of the Spanish provinces of Lleida and Tarragona.

Carbonell Extra Virgin Picual

An Olive Oil cared and prepared with a single olive variety: Picual, from the Spanish province of Jaén.  This variety has high healthy properties as it has a high content of oleic acid and polyphenols which are authentic regulators of health balance.

Carbonell Extra Virgin Hojiblanca

An Olive Oil made from the single variety: Hojiblanca which gives a lighter color and a delicious softer flavour than other Extra Virgins. It is specially recommended for salads, vinaigrettes and fish

Carbonell Extra Virgin Special Selection

Carbonell Special Selection cames from an excellent quality of olives oil. It’s delicious full flavour enhances the taste of your dishes. It is specially recommended for salads, dressings , dips and also for vegetables and seafood.