Baking & Frying

With Carbonell Pure and Extra Light, you can easily bake, broil, stir-frying, grilling and even frying. That is much healthier than frying and roasting with (liquid) butter or other oils!Because there are still many questions about the use of olive oil we have 10 useful cooking tips for cooking and frying with olive oil. Learn how to bake without such splashes or how to make a healthy juice with olive oil!

  • Frying/roasting without spatters

    Frying with olive oil is possible without spatters! Water and olive oil do not mix, so make sure your meat or fish are dry before you fry them. Pat them dry with a piece of kitchen paper, for example.

  • Cook over a high heat in the pan

    First put the pan over a high heat and let it become nice and hot. Only then should you add the olive oil to the pan and gradually add the ingredients. Always start over a high heat and later turn it down a bit to cook the ingredients.

  • A delicious & healthy sauce of olive oil!

    With the cooking liquid that remains after frying in olive oil make a simple, tasty and also healthy  gravy! Add one cup of water or vegetable stock to the pan juices and cook briefly in the pan.

  • Use olive oil in your wok

    Carbonell extra light is perfect for wok cooking and stir frying. The mild flavour ensures that you can still taste the flavour of the other ingredients. Furthermore, Carbonell extra light is extra filtered which means it can be heated to higher temperatures. Perfect for cooking in your wok!

  • Baking with olive oil is healthier

    Extra light olive oil gives cakes and cookies a light texture and can be used with confidence instead of  butter or other oils.  Use the same amount of Carbonell extra light olive oil as the amount of vegetable oil called for in the recipe and when substituting butter or margarine use a rate of ¾ of olive oil.

  • Grease your oven dish with olive oil

    Use Carbonell extra light or pure to grease your oven dish. The easiest way to grease your oven dish with olive oil is to use a pastry brush.

  • Using olive oil on the barbecue

    You can also use Carbonell olive oil when cooking food on the barbecue. Rub your meat or fish with Carbonell extra light or pure before you put it on the barbecue. You can also use Carbonell olive oil as a marinade for your meat.

  • And you can deep-fry with olive oil too

    Carbonell olive oil is certainly suitable for deep-frying. It is best to use Carbonell extra light or pure for this. This is because these varieties are refined after pressing, making them more suitable for heating.

  • Grilling with olive oil

    Grilling with Carbonell olive oil gives your meat, fish or vegetables a delicious flavour! And you also get those lovely grill marks. Rub the ingredients with Carbonell extra light or pure and place them in the griddle pan. After 1 or 2 minutes, turn your ingredients over. You can also turn the ingredients through 90 degrees to create an attractive grid pattern.

  • Taste your ingredients

    Carbonell extra light has a mild taste which allows the flavour of your other ingredients to shine through! It’s ideal if you mainly wish to enjoy the healthy properties of olive oil.

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