How is Carbonell olive oil produced?

Carbonell olive oil is produced under the Spanish sun, in Cordoba.

To guarantee the outstanding quality of Carbonell olive oil, the olives must be harvested when they are perfectly ripe. The harvest for the Northern Hemisphere is between September and January.

To obtain olives from the tree, nets are laid down  to catch the olives and the trees are then shaken using traditional methods and modern technology. The olives then fall onto a soft canvas cloth to stop them bruising. The most important thing about picking olives is to make sure they are not damaged and that they are pressed within 24 hours of being picked.

The same day the olives are picked and washed, they’re crushed . The resulting paste is stirred to release the oil droplets, before being spun in a centrifuge to pull out the oil and water. After the water is removed, what is left is olive oil

The olive oil is put into temperature controlled and nitrogen flushed vats to retain maximum freshness.

The olive oil remains in storage until an order from Australia comes through. The oil is then bottled per the order.



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