About Carbonell

Carbonell is the market leader in Spain, a country with a rich history of olive oil. The Spaniards have recognised how delicious, versatile and healthy olive oil is for thousands of years. As the people from Carbonell only select the very best Spanish olives, constant quality is guaranteed. The tradition and feel for quality has been found in the olive oil of Antonio Carbonell since 1866.

Everyone knows the ‘Art Nouveau’ Carbonell label from early in the twentieth century. It shows a Spanish lady from Cordoba with her hands on an olive branch. She first appeared on a poster, but she soon adorned every olive can and bottle. And she still does to this day…

Carbonell olive oil also fits in very well with Australian cooking. For example, you can use olive oil for grilling or broiling, brush meats or vegetables. It’s much healthier and tastier than frying in (liquid) butter or seeds oil! You can also use olive oil to add a simple burst of flavour to a salad. Cook healthily every day with Carbonell olive oil!


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